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Dish and Dine

Happy Mother’s Day, Bubbe!

Thanks to Chalutz Productions for sharing their classic kosher Jewish recipes. In this video, a young filmmaker records his Bubbe (grandma) preparing Potato Latkes, everyone’s family favorite.

And thank you, Mannix, an old friend from Australia, and a valued new contributor to the site, for creating a special Maude, the spiced apricot, almond, and orange cake in honor of Bea Arthur. We will all miss you, Bea , and send our sympathy and condolences to your family.

We invite everyone to immortalize your Mom’s favorite recipe by uploading it to DishandDine.


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Top 20 Trends in 2009 (MUST WATCH)

14. AGELESS INSPIRATION (Medical) – 60 today is not the same as 60 a generation ago.  From boomers in fashion to boomers on youtube, a youthful generation 60 year olds is approaching retirement.  As this generation proves its youth, we are seeing emphasis across all ‘older’ age groups.  From Daira Tores, the 41 year old Olympian, to 80 year old Buhbbe Scher on YouTube, pop culture is now fascinated with age.

About This Video

Jeremy Gutsche (Dec 29, 08) – One thing you’ll learn from our Trends in 2009 Forecast is that 2009 will be a year of dramatic change. To prepare you for that change, TREND HUNTER Research is breaking all norms by freely distributing this video and memo of our Top 20 predictions for 2009.

The 2009 forecast summarizes the 20 trend clusters from our 2009 Trend Reports.  In total, the trend reports feature more than 300 clusters, each with half a dozen examples.

Crowd Filtered Insight – We’ve created the 2009 trend forecast by crowd filtering our database of nearly 30,000 published micro-trends, collected by our global network of more than 20,000 Trend Hunters. For more info on the methodology and premium research, visit our 2009 Trend Reports section.

Feel free to share this video with your colleagues or contact us if you are a journalist looking to showcase the next big thing.



Jeremy Gutsche, CFA, MBA

Chief Trend Hunter

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Front Row Crew – GeekNights

GeekNights 081113 – Two Topics

Tonight on GeekNights we talk about what unskilled laborers will do before we invent replicators, and the Martin Luther King Junior estate’s aggressive litigiousness. Also, our friend’s school needs books to make a library.

Scott’s Thing – Feed me Bubbe
Rym’s Thing – Bears Playing Hockey

One Minute How To: Item #302

How To Create A Traditional Taste For The Holidays

offered by Avrom and Bubbe

Avrom and Bubbe go through a number of tasty ideas that help keep the tradition in your holiday events.

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The Pod5

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In This Episode:

We discover that Brent is multi-lingual.

We keep kosher for Thanksgiving thanks to Feed Me Bubbe.

Zack drops the call… Again.

The first official Pod 5 music review.

A surprise visit from Ariel of Ariel’s Cyber PR with her coverage of the American Music Awards.

Zack breaks the show and then attempts to reassemble it.


I’m sorry Ed, I don’t think that was his nose.

Dan says duty. (snicker snicker)

What we’re thankful for during this time of the year.

Geek Brief’s Cali Lewis drops by to discuss Leopard and other Mac news.

Dwight becomes our unofficial PC guy.

It’s getting cold!

The Pod 5 sing on December 16th!

Panelists Include:

Ed Ovett

Brent Bradley

Zack Daggy

Dan Johnson

Dwight Dunlop

Avrom and Bubbe

Cali Lewis

Ariel Hyatt

Maurice Zondag

Ed Roberts

Karmyn Tyler

Music Featured:

Crossfire – Never Give It Up

Pod 5 theme by After Son

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Jeff Pulver Blog and Chris Brogan.com

Title: Watch: Loic Le Meur, Mark Spenser, Bronwen Clune and Feed Me Bubbe on pulverTV!

On Wednesday, October 31, 2007, from the set of Fall 2007 Video on the Net, pulverTV broadcast a live 30 minute show. Bronwen Clue, Loic Le Meur, Feed Me Bubbe and Mark Spenser were all guests on the show.

Special thanks to Chris Brogan for covering for me for two thirds of the show as I was accidently double booked, pitching innovid to a friend of mine. This show was re-broadcast earlier today as the original archive of show, seen over 3,000 times, only had the last 11 minutes of the show. Our show archive now has the entire 30 minutes of the original broadcast.

The next edition of the Jeff Pulver show on pulverTV will be airing on Monday, November 12th at 2PM EST / 11AM PST / 2000 CET.

Because last week wasn’t busy and challenging enough, Jeff Pulver asked me to host the first 20 or so minutes of one of his live broadcasts of PulverTV from the set of the Video on the Net conference. It was great fun! I got to do a cam-to-cam check-in with Bronwen Clune from Perth, Australia, then immediately go into an interview with Loic LeMeur of Seesmic amongst other things, and then from that straight into an interview with Avrom and Bubbe from Feed Me Bubbe. Here’s how it all went down:

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The Shameless Plugcast

Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe’s Shameless Plug

Feed Me Bubbe’s Shameless Plug (Episode 19)

This episode features an interview the creators popular cooking podcast Feed Me Bubbe; Avrom & Bubbe!

Feed Me Bubbe’s Shameless Plugs:

Feed Me Bubbe – http://www.feedmebubbe.com
Feed Me Bubbe (Myspace) – http://www.myspace.com/feedmebubbe
Feed Me Bubbe (Blip.TV) – http://feedmebubbe.blip.tv
Chalutz Productions – http://www.chalutzproductions.com
Call Bubbe and leave a message: 646-248-6978″

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One Minute How To

Article Title: Item #138 – How To Prepare Cholent

Avrom and Bubbe explain the best way to prepare the popular Jewish meal, cholent.

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Alan Weinkrantz’s profile on Veoh.com

Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe Interview

Interview with and his grandmother, “Bubbe”

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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Article Title: Episode 21 – Feed Me Bubbe Latkes
By: Laura

“Here at alt.food.tv, one of our fav cooking vlogs is Feed Me Bubbe. Produced by Chalutz Productions, Feed Me Bubbe stars an actual grandmother (“bubbe”) who cooks traditional Jewish food and doles out cooking advice from the comfort of her very own kitchen. In this episode, Bubbe prepares latkes and tells how to properly freeze them. Also featured: the Yiddish word of the day and music from YidCore.

“When I need some good kosher food, there’s only three words I need to know: Feed. Me. Bubbe.” Running Time: 14 min 13 sec. ”

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