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Watching TV Online

Article Title: Video Sharing websites attracting grandparents

Interactive Media reports that YouTube, “a magnet for technology-crazed teens, aspiring actors and people who like to show off their pets, is starting to attract another demographic: those people’s grandparents.

“As making home-grown online videos becomes ever easier, senior citizens – some of whom don’t even own computers – are seeking to preserve their legacy through videos showcasing the famous family chicken-soup recipe or stories detailing the provenance of cherished family heirlooms. The clips take on special meaning for relatives who are finding new meaning in old stories brought to life and the assurance they will stay in the family.

Some are attracting interest beyond the family circle, generating tens of thousands of hits, like the 90 year-old piano man on YouTube or , Feed me Bubbe, an online cooking show by grandmother Bayla “Bubbe. on blip.tv.

… Seniors’ foray into online video comes as they are pursuing a range of other online activities as well. Seniors 65 and older are one of the fastest growing segments of the online population, according to Jupiter Research. “”

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Circle of Food

Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe “I am not Jewish. So when I came across the website Feed Me Bubbe I felt like I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz — experiencing things I had never seen before in a strange and wonderous land. Bubbe is the Yiddish word for “Grandma”. Feed Me Bubbe is an amateur cooking website containing videos (produced by her grandson Avrom) of a little old Jewish grandmother cooking traditional Jewish recipes in her own kitchen. What a kitchen! It was from another era. I saw a frying pan that my mother had. And her lovely, old fashioned stove, which had a vertical side oven, was most unusual. Bubbe is becoming quite a celebrity. I viewed her cooking video (Episode #15) where she prepared Kasha Varnishkes (Kasha with Bow Tie Pasta) — a substitute for potatoes or rice. At the beginning, her grandson interrupted her to introduce two guests also filming her in her kitchen – one from a national magazine! She wasn’t fazed a bit. I loved it! I highly recommend visiting Feed Me Bubbe, if for nothing else to get warm fuzzies that only grandmothers can give.”

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Hampton Roads

Article Title: Grandma has a story to tell … on YouTube

Article from the Wall Street Journal was re-printed.

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Article Title: NA (Article in Japanese)

“「ネットビデオにシニアも進出。YouTubeも活用」という記事で、おばあさんが料理を教える番組「Feed Me Bubbe」が紹介されていました。このbubbeという単語は、ユダヤ語で「祖母」という意味らしいです。この単語の発音は、日本語の「婆(ばば)」に似ています。

幼 児は、最初に「んまんまんま・・・」などの音から習得していくからでしょうか、たいていの言語では「まま」という言葉は、母親や食事といった、幼 児が最初に必要を感じる対象を表しているような気がします。幼児にとって身近なものは、幼児が発音しやすい単語でなければならないのでしょう。偶然に遭遇 した日本語とユダヤ語しか例を知りませんが、「ばば」も似たようなものなのでしょうね。

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Gourmet a Go Go

Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe!

Feed Me Bubbe is the collaboration between a Bubbe (Jewish Grandmother) and her Grandson (Avrom,the techie behind the production).Bubbe’s mission is to preserve traditional family recipes by passing them on to the current generation via the online video medium! Bubbe cooks hearty fare, chicken soup to soothe your soul,Luchen Kugel to stick to your ribs,and Marble Mandel Bread to satisfy your sweet tooth — just to name a few! Bubbe is full of tips and tricks and most importantly of all, full of life!

Chalutz Productions is Bubbe’s home on the web. Here you can watch all the episodes thus far in her series, find the recipes which accompany each episode, view the gallery of her culinary masterpieces, and get the latest Bubbe updates.

Avrom, what a great testement to the affection and love you have for your Bubbe, not to mention quite the endorsement for her cooking! Bubbe,you are adorable. Keep up the great work!”

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Article Title: Feed Me, Bubbe!

“I love this – Feed Me Bubbe is a series of videos set to document a grandmother’s recipe for posterity. I wish my Bubbe was around because I would have liked to do something similar. Bonus – you get a Yiddish word of the day/episode. It’s brilliant.”

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Recipe Maven

Article Title: Feed Me, Bubbe!

“I don’t read that many food blogs; there are three or so I look into once a month.
But I just found an online video series that I will be following in the future.

Feed Me Bubbe
Avrom Honig makes short little videos (the one I just watched was about 8 minutes) of his Bubbe (yiddish for Grandmother) making one of her recipes. I’m interested in the food, since I don’t know from kosher. But I’m also touched by the memories this guy is making of his grandmother; I can’t tell you how much I wish I had done something like this with my mom cooking.

One small pet peeve; punctuation is important. The show is titled “Feed Me Bubbe” and yet, I have seen no evidence of cannibalism. Would cannibalism even be kosher? I know pigs aren’t; how about “long pig”?

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Apartment Therapy The Kitchn

Article Title: Kosher Video: Feed Me Bubbe

By: Chris

Here’s a Mother’s Day weekend must do: Gather round the laptop and watch an episode of Feed Me Bubbe.

According to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Bayla “Bubbe” Sher and her grandson Avrom Honig came up with the idea of creating an online video show as a way to preserve family recipes. Now they have a loyal audience and over 200,000 views of their videos.

Cooks aren’t watching Bubbe (Yiddish for “grandmother”) just for sentimental reasons. She shares practical tips — roll the side of a can over walnuts to crush them, try to cook with “whatever is on sale at the grocery store” — and teaches a Yiddish word of the day in each episode.

Bubbe gives cooks confidence. She often reminds viewers: “It doesn’t have to be fancy, very simple.”

Ready for “the old-fashioned taste: simple, easy, delicious”? Spend some time in Bubbe’s Kosher kitchen.

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The Wall Street Journal Online

Article Title: Today’s WSJ in Photos: May 10, 2007

“FOR POSTERITY: Bayla “Bubbe” Sher’s “Feed Me Bubbe” cooking videos have generated a following on the Web.

As making home-grown online videos becomes ever easier, senior citizens — some of whom don’t even own computers — are seeking to preserve their legacies through videos showcasing the famous family chicken-soup recipe or the provenance of cherished family heirlooms. Some are attracting interest beyond the family circle, generating tens of thousands of hits on sites like YouTube.

Using YouTube for Posterity
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One Minute How To

Article Title: Item #138 – How To Prepare Cholent

Avrom and Bubbe explain the best way to prepare the popular Jewish meal, cholent.

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