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Top 20 Trends in 2009 (MUST WATCH)

14. AGELESS INSPIRATION (Medical) – 60 today is not the same as 60 a generation ago.  From boomers in fashion to boomers on youtube, a youthful generation 60 year olds is approaching retirement.  As this generation proves its youth, we are seeing emphasis across all ‘older’ age groups.  From Daira Tores, the 41 year old Olympian, to 80 year old Buhbbe Scher on YouTube, pop culture is now fascinated with age.

About This Video

Jeremy Gutsche (Dec 29, 08) – One thing you’ll learn from our Trends in 2009 Forecast is that 2009 will be a year of dramatic change. To prepare you for that change, TREND HUNTER Research is breaking all norms by freely distributing this video and memo of our Top 20 predictions for 2009.

The 2009 forecast summarizes the 20 trend clusters from our 2009 Trend Reports.  In total, the trend reports feature more than 300 clusters, each with half a dozen examples.

Crowd Filtered Insight – We’ve created the 2009 trend forecast by crowd filtering our database of nearly 30,000 published micro-trends, collected by our global network of more than 20,000 Trend Hunters. For more info on the methodology and premium research, visit our 2009 Trend Reports section.

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Seniors On YouTube – Jewish Grandma’s “Feed Me Bubbe” Podcast (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Senior citizens are taking making their presence felt and posting videos. Take this Jewish grandma who decided that even young people might be interested in what she has to offer….Maybe some chicken… [More]