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Happy Anniversary, Bubbe … Now Feed Us!

Happy Anniversary to Producer Avrom Honig, , and Bayla “Bubbe” Sher, star of Feed Me Bubbe, one of the web’s most beloved and most delicious cooking shows. 

Three years ago, Honig was looking for something different for his demo real, and thought maybe a podast would be a good way to go about it. With his father’s encouragement, Honig recruited his 80-something-year-old grandmother to star in her very own cooking show. The podcast went viral, and the rest is adorable, kosher history. 

According to their website, each episode contains:

1. An easy to understand recipe.

2. A Yiddish Word of the Day.

3. The feeling of going to your grandmother’s.

Now Bubbe’s got her sights set on fame beyond the web. She wants Jimmy Fallon‘s attention. She wonders if she should make her Jelly Jammies for him. 

Once you’ve seen all the episodes, go buy yourself a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt, or download a Bubbe ringtone

Feed Me Bubbe episodes are also close-captioned for the hearing-impaired at ProjectReadOn.com.

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