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Circle of Food

ARTICLE TITLE: Feed me bubbe will be back
Published by Karyn Zoldan

Everybody’s favorite Jewish grandmother — bubbe at 83 years young – is getting her own PBS show.
Oy vay, imagine that. What’s not to like?  Eat, eat, it will make your strong.
Here’s a preview of what’s in the oven.
To learn more about bubbe and her secret sauce, check this out.
To explore a Jewish cookbook written by other bubbes, click here.

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PBS Frontline digital_nation

Going Digital at 83

Bubbe has become an Internet enthusiast at the young age of 83, after starting a popular online cooking show with her grandson, Avrom.

“I became everyone’s Grandmother all over the world!” So spoke the indefatigable Bubbe, an 83-year-old Jewish grandmother in Massachusetts who made a video with her grandson, Avrom, and submitted it to our site. Bubbe and Avrom have an online cooking show, “Feed Me Bubbe,” that features cooking lessons and words of wisdom from Bubbe’s kitchen. In the video they sent us, they told us all about how Bubbe’s foray in to the web has endeared her to an audience all over the world. It turns out there are hundreds of people yearning for the warmth and coziness of a grandmother’s kitchen and a good matzo ball soup recipe; through the internet, Bubbe provides just that. We were charmed and intrigued, so we decided to head up to Bubbe’s to see how she and Avrom cook up their magic, and find out what it’s like to become an octogenarian online star. You can see footage from our trip here, and Bubbe and Avrom’s original video submission here.

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