Strawberry Apple Fruit Squares aka “Jelly Jammies”

As I mentioned in my previous post, I tried out a few of the recipes presented in the cooking video demos at Feed Me Bubbe’s site. For dessert, I made these tasty little fruit squares – like little fruit brownies, with a layer of flaky pastry on the top and bottom, with a center layer of jam, nuts, and apple. These were incredibly easy to make, and an excellent way for me to use up nearly all of my remaining strawberry jam before I move. I think any jam you like would work well in these, and you could leave out the nuts or use a different nut if you like something else better. Personally, I loved the combination of the strawberries with the walnuts.

And thank you Bubbe for teaching me a great new trick in your video! Crushing the walnuts by placing them inside a zip-top baggie and then rolling a heavy can over them worked much better than I ever would have expected. I will never have to drag out my food processor again just to chop a few nuts. The can method gently ground up the nuts in a few seconds, without any concerns about having them blitzed into dust or mushed into paste, as can sometimes happen with an overzealous food processor.

You can find the recipe here for the Jelly Jammies. I made them exactly as described and highly recommend them.

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