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Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe On ABC News
By: Rob Safuto

“Popular Blubrry podcast Feed Me Bubbe has gained some more national exposure with a segment on ABC News this evening. The angle of the story is about older people being involved in web videos. I hope I’m still rockin the podcasts when I’m 64!

Check the video on the ABC News site at

Congrats Chalutz!”

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Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe At VON
By: Rob Safuto

It has come to our attention that the producers behind the Feed Me Bubbe podcast have been recognized by Network2.TV founder Jeff Pulver at the 2007 Spring Video On The Net (VON) conference in California.

Mr. Pulver was impressed by the Feed Me Bubbe VON contest entry (seen below) and invited the crew to the recent event in California.

What is Feed Me Bubbe? It’s a video podcast about good old Yiddish style cooking. In each show Bubbe teaches a new recipe to her grandson, Avrom. Avrom realizes that when he “needs good kosher food there’s only three words he needs to know…Feed Me Bubbe!”

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Article Title: Front Page of Blubrry

Profile was featured on the front page of blubrry.

The profile was featured for 2 weeks starting from 3/3/07

Blubrry Frontpage Feed Me Bubbe

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Article Title: Feed Me Bubbe On Comcast

“Word comes from the producers of Feed Me Bubbe that you can see them live on Comcast CN8 today, March 2nd 2007. Feed Me Bubbe is a video podcast that shows you, “kosher cooking the way grandma used to make.” I’m getting hungrier already!

Here are some more details on the airing from Feed Me Bubbe producer Avrom.

The show airs on Comcast CN8 — if you subscribe to Comcast, check to find out which channel airs CN8. It changes in different markets. It’s on at noon Eastern Standard Time. Also airs on DirecTV, channel 364 (used to be 238 – just changed so be sure to get the right one!) Art of Living airs at 9:00 am and 1:00pm Eastern time, and is earlier in timezones to the west (so in California it’s 6:00 am and 10:00 am)

And the show airs online at at the same time as it’s airing on Comcast CN8 television.

Always let us know when your podcast gets notable coverage in the mainstream media. We’ll help you spread the word via the Blubrry blog.”

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