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Happy Anniversary, Bubbe … Now Feed Us!

Happy Anniversary to Producer Avrom Honig, , and Bayla “Bubbe” Sher, star of Feed Me Bubbe, one of the web’s most beloved and most delicious cooking shows. 

Three years ago, Honig was looking for something different for his demo real, and thought maybe a podast would be a good way to go about it. With his father’s encouragement, Honig recruited his 80-something-year-old grandmother to star in her very own cooking show. The podcast went viral, and the rest is adorable, kosher history. 

According to their website, each episode contains:

1. An easy to understand recipe.

2. A Yiddish Word of the Day.

3. The feeling of going to your grandmother’s.

Now Bubbe’s got her sights set on fame beyond the web. She wants Jimmy Fallon‘s attention. She wonders if she should make her Jelly Jammies for him. 

Once you’ve seen all the episodes, go buy yourself a Feed Me Bubbe t-shirt, or download a Bubbe ringtone

Feed Me Bubbe episodes are also close-captioned for the hearing-impaired at ProjectReadOn.com.

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Avrom and Bubbe as seen on pbsdigitalnation.org

Avrom and Bubbe as seen on pbsdigitalnation.org 3/24/09

Avrom and Bubbe answer the question posed by FRONTLINE digital_nation

Is there a gap between those who grew up with technology and those who didn’t?

See how they responded with the video below.

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How Would Your Bubbe Vote?

October 1, 2008 · No Comments

Barak Obama wants you to visit your grandmNEW JEWISH FILMMAKING PROJECTother. No, really L.A. Times columnist and E! talking head Joel Stein reports, the Jewish Council for Education and Research (a pro-Obama action committee) is organizing “The Great Schlep” to Fort Lauderdale over the Columbus Day weekend. Why?

More than hockey moms or gun-toting God lovers, old Floridian Jews are themost important demographic in this election. They make up about 5% of the voters in a swing state with 27 electoral college votes. They never miss so much as a condo board vote and are normally reliable Democrats.

Many are also tremendously suspicious of Obama, what with the dark complexion and the funny-sounding middle name. But while Safta may need help understanding that Obama is not really a Secret Muslim, Bernard Avishai argues Obama may need help understanding and bridging gaps between old-guard  Jewish leadership to whom Jerusalem has seemed “not a mythic object of desire but a kind of world-historical Epcot Center, while Israel has seemed something between a bastion against gentile hatred and a great Jewish convention to which they imagine themselves as superdelegates” and young Jews who identify “not with [Joe] Lieberman but with Jon Stewart’s send-ups of Lieberman.”

So, however you’re going to vote in this election, how do you talk to your grandparents and parents about the candidates and the challenges ahead?

Incidentally, and I know I’m late to the party here, while Googling, I came across a great online cooking show Feed Me, Bubbe! Rachel Ray may have an empire based on saccharine, shiksa sorority girl charm, but the bubbe at the center of this online cooking show has chutzpah! Also, this led me to discover a strange breed of one-offs, more nebishes filming their grandmother’s cook. Sweet. But weird.

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Heeb Magazine

Article Title: Word to Your Bubbe
By: jewdar

In a cyberworld populated with pedophiles, white supremacists and Napoleon Dynamite fans, it’s nice to know there is still some wholesome family programming out there. NJB Avram Honig has pimped his bubbe, Bayla Sher, but in the best way possible! In Feed Me, Bubbe, the gregarious grandmother imparts her wisdom, culinary and otherwise, and in return, gets hundreds of thousands of hits, coverage on ABC News and in the The Wall Street Journal, oh yeah, and the satisfaction of knowing her recipes live on. We wish the dynamic duo and heartfelt mazel tov, even as we pray that our own mother doesn’t start to ask why we haven’t made her a Youtube superstar.

Article from Heeb Magazine

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